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Welcome to Altoona, Pennsylvania!

Altoona is a city rich in history, most of which is related to the railroad. In fact, Altoona was founded in 1849 by the Pennsylvania Railroad. The city is located in West Central Pennsylvania, approximately 2 hours east of Pittsburgh and 2.5 hours west of Harrisburg. At it's peak, Altoona's population was around 100,000. Today, that number is slightly less than 50,000.

Altoona PA Hotels

While the railroad still plays a role in Altoona's economy, retail has put the city on the map. Logan Valley Mall is the largest shopping mall in the region, Logan Town Centre the newest. Penn State University has a 4-year campus in Altoona and the Altoona Curve continues to be one of the most popular teams in minor league baseball. For railroad buffs, the Railroader's Memorial Museum and Horseshoe Curve are must-see destinations.

The beauty of the four seasons is well showcased here in the Mountain City. Whether you enjoy golfing or skiing, hunting or fishing, the Altoona area has plenty to offer. Welcome to our city and enjoy your stay! no one deals like we do!

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